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Who's behind this social impact initiative and what's the story behind it?

Hi, I'm Tünde Erdös and I've been a full time executive coach for more than 15 years now.

In 2021, during one of the darkest days in my life, a fellow coach who saw me speaking on stage asked me if I’d be happy to help her with her dream of setting up a coach training program in her home country: Kenya.

She mentioned that there were many women that would need coaching skills to become more empowered in their villages – for them to be more entrepreneurial.

I saw this as an opportunity to engage more fully in life towards healing, and I said YES! BUT … I knew that without a solid budget, no one would come to train those women in Kenya.

And then I had an idea. I have a rich network of great people I met on my long journey of researching coaching. Why don’t I produce a documentary on coaching to source the budget needed for this project?

As my own journey is one of successes and failures, I wanted the documentary to not only show the light but also the shadow side of coaching.

And so, the coach practitioners and scholars I interviewed felt inspired to be part of what they said was a worthwhile and beautiful initiative to explore coaching more deeply and more transparently at the same time.

The result? We manage to produce a fundraiser that gives tons of value to those that watch it.

We’ve got 39 contributors addressing both the pain and pleasure sides of our coaching industry. All in one: The Light and Shadow of Coaching.

The Team Behind The Scenes:

James Cook

Head of Social Impact Engagement,

ICF ACC, Internal Coach - Business Optimisation, United Kingdom

Jeff Ramos

Head of Marketing,

Founder of GoOnline - Helping coaches to stand out and get clients, Cagayan de Oro, The Philippines

Michael Tichelmann

Associate Producer and Video Editor, Austria

Yash Mehra

Film and Video Editor, India

Dev Khajuriya

Creative Director: Coloured Glasses On, India

Pranay Khajuriya

Entrepreneur - Producing Films to Get #Oscars, Greater Delhi Area, India

Carla Jansen van Rosendaal

Life-Mind Creation Coach and Burn-Out Expert, The Netherlands

Meera Jhogasundram

PhD International Relations - Career Transition Coach, Switzerland

Paul Crick

I teach and enable successful leaders and senior teams, United Kingdom

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